advertising & design

advertising & design

print ads

"Tabasco Sauce" print ad
"Miller Chill" print ad 1
"Miller Chill" print ad 2
"Miller Chill" print ad 3
"A car with the power to build up you self esteem".
"Disney Shoe Brand" print ad 1
"Disney Shoe brand" print ad 2
"Disney Shoes brand" print ad 3
new "Knorr Minicubes" print ad 1
new "Knorr Minicubes" print ad 2
McDonald's "Filet-O-Fish Offer".

logo design

brand image for a custom made shoe store 
brand icon 2
brand typography
brand icon
limón logo 1
brand icon
limón logo 2
greeting cards store logo

poster & brochure design

poster for the performance "Rooms" by the Limón Dance Company.

institutional brochure "Limón Dance Company 2010".
invitation for the "limón Gala 2010".


limon 1
limon 2